Win32ASM DirectX8.1

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These are the [*.inc] files which are necessary to assemble the Tutorials and Examples. They are still a work-in-progress, so errors will abound in them.

File: Zip: Size: Last Update: Description:
All Includes 238kb 31 December 2k1 All of the include files required for these examples
All Libs Except d3dx8.lib 272kb 31 December 2k1 All of the lib files required for these examples
d3dx8.lib 660kb 31 December 2k1 The d3dx8.lib file
libci.lib 86kb 31 December 2k1 The libci.lib file which needs to be placed within each examples' directory if no environment path to /MASM32/LIB/ is set. NOTE: this file is also included in
msvcr70.dll 176kb 31 December 2k1 The required Dll to run these examples
dx_objbase.def 1kb 18 Februrary 2k2 a file required for reassembling the examples which I forgot to include;)
objbase.def 2kb 25 February 2k2 Another neccessary file, which I forgot to add to the main zip